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For almost three decades, Group One has been at the forefront of providing top-notch, personalized insurance solutions to both domestic and global businesses.

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Assisting Drivers with improved access to health and wellness solutions

Affordable Care Act

We will help you make application for health coverage for you and your family at no charge.

Supplemental Insurance

We've partnered with Aflac to provide a number of policy options for you and your family.

Health Insurance

We represent some of the most respected companies in the industry and fight to get our drivers the best coverage.

Pharmacy Discounts

Rising cost of prescription medications has some people really watching their pennies. Get up to 90% off using our card.

About Us

Group One was created in 1996 to assist long haul professional drivers, and their families, secure adequate Health Insurance when let go from a fleet or find themselves becoming a self employed Owner Operator due to layoffs or  setting up a new business.

No Pressure. Just Coverage.

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If you are a fleet driver and have recently converted to owner-operated status, HTA can help you obtain health insurance.  We will complete your paperwork for free.  Enroll in an affordable plan today!  Just provide your email below, and we will send you more information.